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How Do You Get Someone into Rehab?

Your loved one will likely be more willing to hear you if you talk to them in an honest, respectful, and caring manner, without being threatening or belligerent. Developing stress-management and self-care strategies will help you meet your needs first so that you can provide the best help possible to your loved one. You’ll need to find the stress-management techniques that work best for you. Some ideas include meditation, practicing yoga, spending time with supportive friends or family, and engaging in hobbies. It’s also important to ensure that you get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and look after your health and well-being. If you have one specific rehab facility in mind that you are considering attending, you can simply call and ask about their financial aid and payment plan options.

  • In some cases, a person’s local or state government may offer free addiction treatment.
  • The cost of rehab can vary from clinic to clinic depending on factors such as the facilities and the treatment plan.

Many people choose to pay for their treatment all at once in a lump sum. There are a variety of loans out there, including ones designed especially for substance abuse treatment. If you seek addiction treatment, but the costs are a financial burden, you can take out a loan. In addition, the site offers information about accepted health insurance plans, other payment options, and ways to pay for addiction treatment (e.g., credit cards) [1]. First, they can pay using insurance as many insurance companies offer a cover for substance abuse. People who can’t afford alcohol addiction treatment have free and low-cost options at their disposal.

How to Talk to Someone With Addiction: What to Say and What Not to Say

Resources include support groups for families and friends of people with addiction like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon. When you have a loved one with a substance use disorder, it can be both a relief and a challenging time when they enter drug and alcohol addiction treatment/rehab. You may feel helpless and confused about how to best support your loved one while they are in rehab and once they come home. An addiction professional helps figure out the scope of the issue and what treatment options would be right. Treatment options can vary in intensity and scope, and they occur in various settings. Options can include brief early intervention, outpatient treatment or day treatment programs.

For someone who does not have any money, drug rehab may appear to be an unreachable goal, but don’t lose hope. Many patients receive financial assistance to help them pay for treatment, especially if they cannot afford it on their own. Scholarships, insurance, and even government aid programs are available to help with rehab costs or provide other treatment choices. This includes the cost of addiction treatment Alcoholic ketoacidosis Wikipedia and recovery as long as certain conditions are met. For Medicare to cover this treatment, it must be deemed necessary by a physician and care must be provided by a Medicare-approved provider or at a Medicare-approved facility. An intervention is a carefully planned process that family and friends can do, working with a doctor or another health care professional, such as a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.

Ask Friends or Family for Help

They may be able to understand your partner on a deeper level than you can. We’re sorry, but there was an issue with your request for information about senior care services. Veterans don’t need to be suffering from a service-related injury or illness to receive aid and attendance, but they must be eligible for the basic pension.

NHS detox generally takes the form of outpatient treatment – with outpatient services, you will reside at home and travel to your scheduled sessions from home. Detoxification addresses the physical dependence on a substance and is necessary in order to receive rehab treatment. If you’re unsure about the type of insurance coverage you have, be sure to check with your health insurance company. Proper treatment is a definite way of ensuring that you stay sober.

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