How to Follow Up on a Job Application Email Templates Included

If email is better, you can reach me at [your email address]. I’m very interested in this role for [Company Name] and would love to be considered. Use this template when you don’t have the Hiring Manager’s email address and are contacting a how to follow up on a job application company’s information email address. [Company Name] sounds like a great company to work for, but also, the [Position Title] aligns well with my skills, especially [skill]. Nine times out of 10, you should follow up by email, not by phone.

how to follow up on a job application by phone

If you don’t receive a phone call or an email during the time period specified, you are probably not a contender for the position. “If you do have other companies interested in you, but you are interested in a particular position, you can think about letting them know you’re in demand. In some scenarios, the job listing might state that applicants not call or email for their status. If that’s the case, you should abide by the employer’s wishes and refrain from reaching out. Although it can be frustrating to wait it out, you shouldn’t follow up—even though you really want to.

— Time It Right

As a job seeker, you might be eager to find out your application’s status or whether you got selected after an interview. If you are following up on a job application, read the posting. If it has information about the closing date of the application, you may choose to follow up a week or two after the application window has closed. This will allow your recruiters or hiring managers enough time to review your application and provide you with a substantial response. Now, even though following up on a job application may feel a little unusual, recruiters expect job candidates to do it. Therefore, don’t refrain from it thinking that you’re either disturbing or annoying the potential employer.

Following up before the due date will be rude at best and will hamper your chances of landing the job at worst. That said, following up on a job application comes down to two ways; phone call or email. Right below, we are going to delve deeper into each of these means of following up. This content has been made available for informational purposes only. Learners are advised to conduct additional research to ensure that courses and other credentials pursued meet their personal, professional, and financial goals. Ending your email with a call to action (CTA) is another way to elicit a response when following up about a job application.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out To Recruiters

You can access updates from the agency by using the Track this application link in your USAJOBS profile or contact the agency point of contact on the job announcement. If you fax a resume or any other documents, there may be a delay between when the documents are faxed and when they appear as received on an application. If you have questions about the status of your faxed documents, contact the hiring agency.

how to follow up on a job application by phone

Usually, the biggest mistake you can make is using the wrong tone. If you come across as pushy or entitled, you are hurting your chances of getting the job. Whenever you send an email to a hiring manager, always showcase your appreciation. It’s a small gesture, but it can make a big impact, so add a quick sentence that thanks them for their time. At this point, you have no idea if the hiring manager has seen your resume or not.

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