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Best Intercom Alternatives for Improving Customer Relationships

How Much Will Intercom REALLY Cost You?

intercom chatbot pricing

Until 1000 ‘guided users’ – people that take your product tours – you pay an extra $199 on top of your pricing plan. Besides that, some simple automation features such as auto-replies are not even a part of this subscription. This is a functionality that saves teams a lot of time on a daily basis and is usually included in comparable pricing plans from competitors. It includes robust chat tools like file attachments and team and conversation management. The Messenger chat widget will be on the page so visitors can message support agents with additional questions.

Now is the perfect time to embrace AI chatbot platforms and move your business toward automating customer service and easily scaling your ability to connect with customers efficiently. ChatBot is a powerful and user-friendly platform that lets you effortlessly create and launch chatbots, even without coding experience. With its intuitive Visual Builder, ready-to-use templates, and the option to train your bot, you can quickly build a chatbot tailored to your needs. In fact, while starting up, the most required thing is a robust support system that is responsive and effective.

Intercom pricing plans

Even though it is not Intercom’s main focus, there is a lack of UI elements in product tours. They do not give you many options, which means that you can’t use checklists, modals, or any other key UI elements for user onboarding. First, we should probably take a look at the key features, advantages, and disadvantages of Intercom; to set a base for comparisons later. The all-inclusive pack is priced at $49/agent/month with features like IVR, call routing, and transfers. At $15/agent/month, you have unlimited access to ticket history and API integrations.

intercom chatbot pricing

This is the cheapest Intercom pricing plan — starting at $38/month. A lot of competitors provide this exact service for an even cheaper price, so consider choosing them instead of Intercom to save money. We will explain the differences between Intercom and some other platforms later in the article. If you’re looking for tools that help you keep your customers engaged — this Intercom plan is for you. This plan encourages customers to take action with features like in-app and push messages.

Support. Like you’ve never seen it before.

As one of the best alternatives to Intercom, the customer support tool lets you make every conversation count with real-time engagement. It successfully stands out as a conversational AI marketing and sales platform and is designed to build meaningful connections with customers instantly. However, if you have a larger eCommerce business, consider going with Intercom.

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Why You Need to Hire a Decision Scientist..

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It allows you to send personalized two-way SMS messages for a range of purposes, like promoting products, scheduling appointments, and notifying customers about account changes. Check this ultimate Intercom vs Drift comparison to choose the best messaging platform for your customer support, marketing, and sales. Zoho Desk might be your well-designed customer support tool if you want to see the pricing tiers on a rather reasonable side of the spectrum. According to user comments on Reddit and HelpCrunch, Intercom’s pricing can range between $74/month (only for newly established companies with under 5 employees) and $999/month. Also, some features are billed separately and cost an additional monthly fee. Consider integrating this tool with other customer data analytics tools for increased productivity and returns.

Intercom has a great product but charges its customers more than most of its competitors. In the end, it is up to you to take a close look at your budget and make sure you get value for money. If you have enough room in your budget, Intercom can definitely be a super useful tool. According to Intercom’s website, its Accelerate plan is the most popular pricing plan among its customers. For $15 per agent per month, you get access to all of the core features. Freshchat is free for up to 10 team members, but for bigger teams or better features (like triggered messages), you’ll need to upgrade.

Another aspect that makes Intercom ideal for large businesses is its enterprise-level security. The software supports authentication measures, like 2-factor authentication, and the servers also encrypt data at rest. This is the factor that can drastically increase the cost of your plan.


Drift, founded in 2015, introduced Conversational Marketing to adapt to the shift in B2B sales toward buyer-controlled processes. What’s the best platform to build stronger conversational relationships? However, the latency of the app is the real shame and is why it doesn’t get 5 stars.

You are on your own with a complex SaaS tool that needs hand-holding. WotNot was devised to help more businesses take the conversational marketing route. With a less than 8-hour response time and always available support team across mediums, we will always have your back, no matter what. The unreasonable rates combined with the unavailable support team and not-so-intuitive design interfaces can land your bot in trouble. WotNot is a usable and affordable Intercom alternative with a friendly interface, easy-to-use bot builders, and an always-available team.

Additionally, Zendesk provides a customizable help center, a community forum, and a knowledge base, empowering customers to find answers on their own. As a free Intercom alternative, the live chat platform is accessible to freelancers and small business owners. You get to check all the conversations with unlimited chat history.

Instead, companies can focus on developing their product or service. The customer engagement plan starts at $49/month and it’s much cheaper than the previously mentioned Intercom pricing plan. It’s ideal for companies looking to get their customers more engaged and not looking to deal with other parts of the customer relationship. Drift is the closest alternative to Intercom in that it also focuses heavily on sales and marketing.

  • Ultimately, both tools can be used to manage customer communication, but each offers a different set of tools meant to offer different types of services.
  • The customer support platform comes with a user-friendly interface, automation tools, and customizable workflows to streamline support processes and improve response times.
  • All businesses need a way of communicating with customers in a way that will boost customer engagement.
  • Both in G2 and Cpaterra, most of the users (even those that rated 5 stars) complain that Intercom has horrible customer support.

It lets you manage all your customer interactions from a single interface, no matter which channel you use. Intercom has become a game-changer in customer support, offering personalized engagement through live chat, email management, and chatbots. As a live chat app messaging solution, is Freshdesk a good alternative to Intercom?

Intercom Alternatives That Are Free Or Low Cost In 2023

Crisp offers a flat price for every company, no matter the number of conversations, or the growth of your company. Websites and software tend to become more and more complex, at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Crisp comes with an all-in-one customer communication platform that brings the company around one tool, just like

Intercom. Easily reply to customer conversations and manage workload in a smart & automated way. It is similarly designed and has almost all features that Intercom does. Since Zendesk is more expensive, Helpwise is the best alternative app.

Optimize live chat by training agents to be responsive, friendly, and professional. Use SLAs, co-browsing, and canned responses to enhance customer experience. Consider mobile-friendliness, ticketing systems, CRM integration, and post-chat surveys for improved service. People will always look for customer support software that provides the same features and functionalities but have lower pricing compared to Intercom. Pricing can be lowered, it is the highest among every customer support platform in the market. It is a brand no doubt but really there are tons of help desk customer support who are serving the exact features and at half prices.

Zendesk and Intercom both have an editor preview feature that makes it easier to add images, videos, call-to-action buttons, and interactive guides to your help articles. Search our comprehensive Knowledge Base to answer any question you might have about our products. One of the most useful features you will notice after entering the conversational marketing world of Botgate is the reporting screen. You can also get Chatbots & Communicator plans together as the Bundled Solution plan. LiveChatAI lets you create unique AI bots for your website by providing the content you want the bot to be trained on. However, Intercom can be expensive considering its usage limits and add-on features for which you would have to pay extra.

intercom chatbot pricing

It improves the customer experience after a potential customer or existing user has already reached the website. Intercom likely wouldn’t be useful to a company that doesn’t complete sales online or needs assistance getting consumers directed to their website. Buy the Intercom subscription and wait for weeks before you can get any support.

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